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 Road To Completion

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PostSubject: Road To Completion   Wed Dec 02, 2015 8:02 pm

Hello everyone,
As most of you know i am working on completion of Runescape, items varying from all minigame rewards to max total level.

These are my stats as of now.

Most of my goals as of now, feel free to add if i missed any.
-Achieved level 99 in all skills
-Completed all Achievement Diaries
-Learned the Bones to Peaches spell
-Obtained all Varrock Museum Kudos
-Completed all Quests
-Unlocked all songs
-Fully explored the Stronghold of Security
-Purchased a full set of Gold decorative Castle Wars armor
-Found all barbarian notes in the Ancient cavern
-Found all Champion scrolls
-Unlocked Ali Morrisane's highest rune shop
-Unlocked all Eagle Transport routes
-Killed 4,000 Chompy birds
-Unlocked all Hot-Air balloon routes
-Unlocked the ability to craft all slayer items
-Found all Enchanted Key treasure (making history)
-Insured all pets (2/28)
-Fully upgraded every POH room
-Filled POH costume room
-Found both Mutagens from Zulrah
-Obtained an Herb Sack
-Obtained an Overseer's book
-Elite clue scroll rank in observatory - 1.5k clues completed
-Unlocked all emotes
-Toggled all warning screens
-Unlocked all god spells
-Unlocked the Teleport to Bounty Target spell
-Unlocked all death respawn locations
-Unlocked Motherlode Mine expansion
-Used Serum 208 on all NPC's in Mort'ton
-Added all Fairy Ring codes to travel log
-Fully upgraded every POH room
-Obtained an Overseer's book
-Filled all god books
-Filled POH bookcase
-Achieved a rank of 1500 or higher in all Games Room activities
-Activated Saradomin's Light
-Unlocked ability to enchant digsite pendants
-Killed Tarn Razorlor and enchanted a salve amulet
-Unlocked Uglug Nar's shop
-Unlocked the Contraband Yak Produce store from Vanligga Gastfrihet
-Learned the ways of trading with the Gourmets from Lurgon in Dorgesh-Kaan
-Learned Gnome cooking and bartending
-Attained 100% Tai Bwo Wannai favor
-Achieved At one with trees rank
-Purchased all unique Trouble Brewing rewards
-Found both Mutagens from Zulrah
-Found all taxidermy trophies
-Filled POH costume room
-Obtained all Void gear (Incl. Elite Void)
-Obtained full Graceful gear
-Found full Lumberjack from Temple Trekking
-Purchased all unique Motherlode Mine rewards
-Found the Angler Outfit from the Fishing Trawler
-Found full Rogue outfit
-Obtained all penance gear
-Imbued all NMZ rewards
-Obtained an Herb sack
-Obtained a Firecape
-Obtained a dragon defender from the Warriors’ Guild
-Filled key ring
-Collected all greegrees
-Found Flippers and a Mudskipper Hat
-Obtained a magic butterfly net and jar generator
-Obtained a cat training medal from Getrude
-Collected all random event outfits
-Collected all rune pouches
-Obtained a Crab claw and Crab helmet
-Obtained a Fremennik blade, helm and shield
-Obtained a tea flask
-Obtained a Flamtaer Bag
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PostSubject: Re: Road To Completion   Thu Dec 03, 2015 1:18 pm

Very nice pancake! you got this
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Road To Completion
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