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 Ranking System

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PostSubject: Ranking System   Thu Nov 05, 2015 6:34 pm

Ranking System:
Second to None bases rank ups on a point system! This will help us determine who truly wants to be in our family and wants to grow with us. This also helps us deciding who deserves those higher ranks and not based on favoritism.

How to gain points:
-Register on these forums and have 25 (non-spam) posts ---> 2 points
-Bump Thread (on Runescape forums)---> 1 point per 24 hours
-Earn a 99 ---> 1 point
-Tanking a Boss ---> 2 points per hour
-Receiving a drop that is worth 1.5m ---> 1 point
-Receiving a drop that is worth 1.5m - 5m ---> 2 points
-Receiving a drop that is worth 5m - 15m ---> 3 points
-Receiving a drop that is worth 15m - 25m ---> 4 points
-Receiving a drop that is worth 25m+ ---> 5 points
-Recruiting New Member ---> 2 points [Must have new recruited member active in the clan chat for 2 weeks before receiving points]

How to lose points:
-Missing Mass Weekend ---> (-5) points

The ranks have specific point totals that need to be reached in order to obtain the rank. The point totals needed are as follows.

Smiley Face - new member that are on probation two weeks
1 banana [1 stripe] - accepted member with 0 points
2 bananas [2 stripes] - 200 points
3 bananas [3 stripes] - 350 points
Lieutenant [bronze star] - 500 points & higher ups approval
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Ranking System
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