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 Cymatics Application

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PostSubject: Cymatics Application   Wed Dec 16, 2015 1:44 pm

-Old School name?: Cymatics

-Timezone?: Pacific

-Combat level?: 93

-Melee levels?:
-Attack: 71
-Strength: 78
-Defence: 71

-Range level?: 82

-Magic level?: 77

-Agility level?: 65

-Do you have the item requirements?: No

-Favorite boss? Why?: KBD - only one I've done

-Do you know how to tank?: No

-Do you know how to use teamspeak?: Yes

-How long have you played Runescape?: 10 years

-Any previous clan experience? If you have previous clan experience please explain.: My pure account is currently in a PvP low level clan for f2p

-What are your goals on Runescape?: Get maxed in all stats

-Why did you choose us over all the other clans?: I was told this clan is more family oriented and based on the maturity levels of other clans I know of, I'd rather stick with a mature crowd.

-Who did you hear from about our clan?: from callmemoney, he described it as a cool chill clan

-Do you understand how our ranking system works? If you don't understand please let us know what you need to be filled in on.: Not interested in a ranked system, as long as I play the required part.

-Do you understand our inactivity policy? : it's pretty self explanatory. Stay active. lol

-Will you notify the council if you are going to be inactive for more than two week?: Yes

-What is rule number 10?: Random gear check - Random checks with be done council members only. If the council member checking says you are missing said item, you will have 1 week to get said item. Failure to get said item after 1 week you will be given a strike. Failure to get said item after that, you will be given a second strike. Anything after the first two weeks you will be banned until you get said item.

-Tell us any other information about yourself that you think we should know: I dislike unfair policies and/or enforcement of said policies. I absolutely hate being unjustly treated at a lower value then that of other people. Also, as you can tell by my level, I am low level but I am working my way up. I don't want to be harassed for it, it will get done in time.
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PostSubject: Re: Cymatics Application   Wed Dec 16, 2015 2:12 pm

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Cymatics Application
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