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 Clan Rules & Requirements

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PostSubject: Clan Rules & Requirements   Thu Nov 05, 2015 6:26 pm

The Requirements to join & stay with Second to None are listed below:
90+ Attack, Strength, Defence, Hitpoints, 75+ Range/Magic, 70 prayer, and 70 Agility [MUST HAVE PIETY UNLOCKED]
99 Range, at least 90 defence, 70 prayer, 70 Agility [For Range Tanks]
and the item requirements are (expensive items can be overlooked):

Clan Rules:

1. Follow Jagex Rules - Everyone should be doing that to begin with.
2. Be in clan chat - Must be active in the clan chat, very simple. When you first log into Runescape you should automatically be in the clan chat.
3. Respect others, as well as other clans and people - Very simple! Do not fight with other members, clans, and people. If there is an issue take it to pm's. Joking is fine but there is a line you do not cross.
4. No begging - We do not tolerate begging at all!
5. No crashing clan members or other pvmers - Violating this rule will result in a derank and probation.
6. What the council say goes - council includes silver stars and up. When they rule on certain things, their word is final.
7. No multiclanning - You may join a PC/BF clan chat but you need to remain in your clan doing our events with us.
8. Notify the council if you are inactive - submit an inactivity form.
9. Mass weekend - You must attend for at least 1 hour
10. Random gear check - Random checks with be done council members only. If the council member checking says you are missing said item, you will have 1 week to get said item. Failure to get said item after 1 week you will be given a strike. Failure to get said item after that, you will be given a second strike. Anything after the first two weeks you will be banned until you get said item.
11. Last but not least - Run with loot, you are no longer a part of Second to None, plain and simple!

Rules Regarding Bossing at GWD and Corporal Beast:
-For GWD, Tanks get all bandos boots, steam battle staves, bandos hilts, and zamorak hilts. All shards automatically go onto the clan chat's account.
-For GWD & Corp, Highest ranking members holds onto drops.
-For Corp, 4 man: all sigils, onyx bolts(e), and cannonballs. Stunner gets spirit shields & holy elixirs[if deemed a good stunning job]. Unless stated by the teams going to corp.

Any infringement on the rules, the council will meet and decide disciplinary action for that member

If you wish to accuse someone of violating the rules please take screenshot and provide proof and submit it into our forum support category in the forums. The council will handle it from there!
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Clan Rules & Requirements
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