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 Forum Rules [Read Them!!]

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PostSubject: Forum Rules [Read Them!!]   Thu Nov 05, 2015 7:31 pm

Listed below are all of the rules that need to be abided by in the forums.
Breaking these rules will result in either a warning, temporary ban, permanent ban, or deduction of rank points.

1. Disclosure of others personal info: Do not post other people's IRL pics, skype, facebook, emails, numbers, etc without their permission
2. Do not spam in wrong section.
3. Do not flame - Insults, racist remarks, harassment, etc. should be kept private. Bullying is not permitted at Bunny Patch.
4. No unorthodox signatures - This is at the discretion of moderators/admins.
5. No gravedigging: If a thread has been forgotten, it may only be bumped with good reason.
6. No pornography/nudity - (If used in signature/avatar, rights will be taken away.)
7. No plagiarism - Stealing other people's work, whether it be GFX, guides, anything.
8. Do not post/link any explicit material containing sexual, racist or disturbing/upsetting content.
9. Do not link to any form of pirating or make any illegal transactions on the forums - this includes Runescape RWT.
10. No malicious activities: Hacking/ddosing/keyloggers
11. No suspicious links: Phishing and/or hacking will result in a permanent ban.
12. Do not scam - Bunny Patch will not tolerate anyone scamming a member within its community, whether it be real or virtual good(s).
13. Do not impersonate any regular or council member.
14. Do not advertise or promote other websites/services as a whole.
15. Do not act like a moderator/admin if you are not one.
16. No soliciting money: Begging for or requesting donations is not acceptable.
17. Do not evade your bans - If you are on a temporary or permanent ban, you are prohibited from make an alternate account on which to participate on the forum. (Exception: Ban dispute)

What type of punishment you will receive from breaking these rules will vary depending to what extent you have broken the rules, which rules have been violated and also if you are a first time or repeat offender. The council will decide which action will be taken.
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Forum Rules [Read Them!!]
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